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The ZodiaCat App
Finally you can get your own daily feline horoscopes sent right to your human’s phone. It might be the only time you don’t mind them paying more attention to their phone than to you. These clever, personalized horoscopes will help you see what fate has in store.

The ZodiaCat App (iPhone & iPad) will be available beginning 6.6.15 for just 99¢ in the App Store—and 20% of proceeds will go to Best Friends Animal Society to help those feline friends less fortunate than you. A free, Lite version of the app is also available.

Main website: thezodiacatapp.com
App Store Link (live on 5.15.15): FULL VERSIONLITE VERSION

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ZodiaCat was created by Itchy Brains, an idea factory based in Detroit. For press inquiries, please email press@thezodiacatapp.com or get in touch with us on Twitter via @ZodiaCat. ZodiaCat